Jul 13

Lego Superman film (Update 1)

Hey guys! Today I have finally started to work on my newest Lego film: Superman: Man of Steel. Well, that’s the title for now anyway. And by starting to work on I mean set building. I have already completed the script long ago but I ┬áhad gone off it to work on such films as Lego Batman: Shadow which I am still working on (I’ll talk about that later though) The great thing about working on this now is because I have a whole two weeks of holiday to work on this project (Yesterday was my last day of school) My goal is to finish this film in one month because of a contest I want to enter. So I am going to work hard to get all the animation for this film done in two weeks.

Anyway, I am going to post another update for this project very soon and it will be the start of animation for the film. So bye for now.

Jun 16

Hey Guys!

Hey guys! Welcome to my new website this is where I will be posting when my newest film is out. Here I will also try to post an update on the production of my latest film every week and include pictures and maybe even some tutorials so stay tuned.